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Crew Changes

Inland Transfers: By coaches of 15-20 seats or individual cars, subject to the flow of pax arriving.

Sea Transfers: Crew change is done by launch (tugs) with continuous voyages from shore to outer harbour and back (if vessel is not at berth).

Small tugs can take approximately 12 pax simultaneously, while big tugs can take up to 25 pax simultaneously. OPL to shore side is approximately 20-30minutes.

From shore, crew are transferred either directly to the airport or their hotel accommodation.

Visa Requirements

Nationals of Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Liberia, should obtain a visa before travelling to Mauritius, even on transit.

The visa can take up to 72 working hours to obtain, as it has to go through the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) for approval.

No visa is required for other nationalities on the basis that they hold a valid passport or seamans book and that their trip is less than 15 days.

If OK to Board is required, an Invitation letter would be sent to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO), who would then send the confirmation to the local airline representative and in their turn the origin airline agent. This process can take up to 36 working hours


There are 3 barges available as follows:

Shell Mtius / Vivo Energy: Barge capacity is FO 580mts and DO 145mts with a pumping rate of 150mts/hr for FO and 150mts/hr for DO. The barge takes approximately 90 minutes to come back to base and another 2 hours to refill.

Total: Barge capacity is FO 900mts and DO 400mts with a pumping rate of mts 100/hr for both FO and DO.

Indian Oil: Barge capacity is FO 360mts and DO 280mts with a pumping rate of mts 100/hr for both FO and DO.

Bunkers can be supplied ex-pipe or ex-barge with availability of IFO 180CST and 380CST and MGO (DMA) 2500ppm.

Spares and Stores in Transit

Spares and Stores in Transit are transferred from airport to seaport and/or vice-versa under customs supervision

For all bulk cargo (ship spares/stores) in transit, MAWB has to be consigned to MASTER TBA c/o Inchcape Shipping Services (Mauritius) Ltd, 416, St James Court, St Denis Street, Port Louis Mauritius. Tel: +230 2100589, Fax: +230 2108748 / 2103858.

All spares have to arrive in Mauritius at least 24hrs before the vessels arrival (excluding Sunday), as do pre-alerts.

Bulk cargo and provisions are transported either by launch hire or if the items are outsized by a non-motorized barge/lighter (volume capacity of approx. 60cbm), towed by a launch and then moored to the vessel.

Waste and Sludge Removal

Port instructions pertaining to waste segregation allow all types of waste (except cooked food) and liquids to be removed, provided that the items are not outsized or heavy cargo.

All waste should be properly segregated on board prior collection, with correct identification labels for

  • Glass
  • Kitchen garbage
  • Wood
  • Cartons and papers
  • Plastics
  • Aluminium cans
  • Surgical wastes
  • Sludge removal (via a tank and placed on a barge).

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