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Kimbe, the Provincial Capital of West New Britain in Papua New Guinea, is a rapidly growing town situated on Kimbe Bay and was established to provide port and infrastructure facilities for the oil palm industry. Kimbe is actually situated on the site of the old San Remo coconut plantation and is the third largest port in Papua New Guinea.

The town of Kimbe is the centre of many industries including oil palm, cocoa, logging and coconut plantations. Many of these products are shipped out using Kimbe's main port.

The area is rapidly becoming a popular holiday destination and serves as a service centre for the whole province. Snorkeling, diving and fishing are very popular tourist activities as well as climbing a volcano or visiting hot springs and thermal pools in the area.


Kimbe Bay has one of the world’s richest and most diverse coral reef environments, with vibrant coral reefs and volcanic seamounts supporting a huge variety of reef fish, marine mammals and other sealife. However, this area faces a number of threats. Papua New Guinea has one of the world’s fastest growing populations, and Kimbe Bay is experiencing increasing pressure from fishing and run-off from land-based activities. Some of the reefs in this area have also suffered serious damage from coral bleaching.




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