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Inchcape Shipping Services Taiwan is an established company with over 100 years of shipping experience and has been a leading agent in Taiwan for many decades.


The company’s origins date back to 1846, when it was the first foreign company established in Taiwan. It was formerly known as Tait & Co Ltd and was acquired by the Inchcape Group in 1989.


ISS Taiwan's head office is based in Taipei, with port liaison offices at Keelung and Kaohsiung and works with reputable sub-agents at Suao, Ho-Ping, Hualien, Taichung, Mailia, Yungan, Anping and other Taiwanese ports, which enables us to offer full coverage of all Taiwan Ports.


ISS Taiwan is the only shipping company in Taiwan which has extensive experience in handling cable ships, dredgers, ocean salvage tugs and off-shore working/supply boats at all Taiwanese ports, with ISS Keelung handling the majority of repairs and maintenance work on both submarines and cable ships within the area and for the majority of Japan.


We are also one of the 100 member correspondents of ‘The American Institute of Marine Underwriters’ as well as the ‘Norwegian Hull Club’. We are able to arrange cargo surveys and ship inspections and provide claims handling services for the marine and hull underwriters and related ship’s owners.


ISS Taiwan is fully committed to make all arrangements to meet principals’ demands, by offering a reasonable agency fee for the best level of service.

Inchcape Shipping Services