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Welcome to ISS Microsite PhotoGallery
KSPL offshore jetty
KSPL offshore operation berth
Crude oil tanker Tamara   
Comments: KSPL Ship to Ship Operation at Kakinada LPO
KSPL Finger Pier 2
KSPL coal & granite yard
KSPL North Berth
KSPL coal & granite yard
North Berth front view
KSPL V Berth for general cargo
KSPL South Berth for general cargo
KSPL fertiliser berth
Kakinada Sea Ports Administration Building
KSPL shore crane operations at the fertilisers berth
KSPL granite & coal yard in KSPL
KSPL mobile crane front view
Floaitn Dock   Date: Jul 17 2012   
Comments: For Vessels Dry dock purpose KSPl provided Floating Dock
Floaitn Dock   Date: Jul 17 2010   
Comments: Floating Dock pic 2
Floaitn Dock   
Comments: Floating Dock Pic 3
Floaitn Dock   Date: Jul 17 2013   
Comments: Kakinada Deep Water Port Floating Dock pic 4
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