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Management Division

       Management Department

GM Mauritius
Arnaud Teycheney

Mobile : +230 54210023
Contact Arnaud Teycheney

       Finance Department

Administrative Accountant
Damien Leung Tang

Mobile : +230 54215070
Contact Damien Leung Tang

Administrative Accountant
Rachel Batour

Mobile : +230 54210015
Contact Rachel Batour

Port Services Division

       Operations Department

Shipping Supervisor
Conciano Dieudonne

Mobile : +230 54210020
Contact Conciano Dieudonne

Operations Coordinator
Sylvain Desveaux

Mobile : +230 54210013
Contact Sylvain Desveaux

Operations Coordinator
Richard Harrison

Mobile : +230 54210026
Contact Richard Harrison

       Logistics Department

Courier Supervisor
Nicolas Melidor

Mobile : +230 54210018
Contact Nicolas Melidor

Operations Coordinator
Yannick Cornell

Mobile : +230 54210019
Contact Yannick Cornell

Delivery Officer
Sylvio Calloo

Mobile : +230 54210028
Contact Sylvio Calloo

       Clearance Department

Clearing Supervisor
Gino Maissin

Mobile : +230 54210022
Contact Gino Maissin

       Sales Department

Sales Supervisor
Benoit Grenade

Mobile : +230 54210027
Contact Benoit Grenade

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