Update from Australia following Cyclone Debbie - 13 April 2017
Apr 13 2017

Interruptions to Shipping operations continue in Hay Point, Abbot Point and Gladstone following Cyclone Debbie. Below is an overview of the latest situation.

Hay Point & Dalrymple Bay

(Heavily impacted)


The Pilotage area of Hay Point was re-opened at 1200 hours on 3 April 2017.  


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) is open, with limited movements scheduled for berth No.2 and No.4. There are currently six vessels on the DBCT line-up, which are scheduled to be loaded between now and 22 April. 


Hay Point Terminal at this stage has one vessel sailing (Santa Cruz) and one vessel berthing (Sangeet) this morning (13 April). However, it does not currently have any other vessels scheduled to berth and there are no further berth line-ups available. 


The following was released by BMA logistics at 1400 hours on 4 April 2017 and there has been no further changes to the situation since:


Please note:  Hay Point will not be distributing a Shipping schedule until such time as the full impact of the recent severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie and ensuing aftermath is assessed. Recovery planning is underway and further indicative berthing times for vessels will be advised in due course. 


The surveying of berth pockets at both terminals is complete and there has been some significant changes to berth pocket depths, especially at DBCT. The channel has been surveyed and there is no indication of siltation or reduced depth along the Channel. The RHM declared at 0900 hours on Sunday 9 April that the Channel is clear for normal navigation. Ships using the Channel will remain on static calculation until all sensors for DUKC are operational and tested to satisfaction.


A total of 11 vessels have heaved anchor and left the Hay Point anchorage since 5 April.


Rail update: There is no change to the previous estimate from 3 April that rail lines will take 5 weeks to re-open. Recovery and repairs are being undertaken at multiple sites along the Goonyella corridor, including at Black Mountain that experienced significant landslides.


Abbot Point

(Heavily impacted)


The Pilotage area of Abbot Point re-opened at 1200 hours on 30 March.  


The follow update from Abbot Point Terminal was received on 11 April:


A subsequent assessment has indicated that ship loading operations will not resume until 1800 hours 12 April. This will appear in this afternoon’s shipping schedule. Dump Station No. 2 will not now be available until 0700 hours on Friday 14 April. We are progressively returning areas of plant to service. Subsequently, the terminal will need to establish condition/availability of existing stockpiles to accept various products, prior to accepting next week’s train orders. Whilst aiming at berthing vessels in order of arrival, plant and equipment availability will influence this strategy.


Please note that ship loading did not resume yesterday as planned, with first vessel expected to berth this afternoon (13 April).


Rail update: The Newlands system is expected to re-open on Friday 14 April. This is ahead of the previous estimate of 17–24 April. Recovery and repairs are being undertaken at multiple sites along the Newlands corridor.



(Medium impact)                                    

All terminals are operational and port is open, although the supply of coal to the port will be impacted by rail operations. As at today, two vessels are alongside at RGTANNA with a further three vessels scheduled to berth between now and 16 April. No vessels are currently scheduled to berth at WICET.


Rail update: The Blackwater system is operational again, although the network is expected to operate under restricted conditions with some reduced capacity. Recovery and repairs are being undertaken at multiple sites along the Blackwater corridor. The Moura system opened on 12 April.


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