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Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0. or above

Supported Browsers
Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above. To check your browser version, select "Help/About Internet Explorer".

Other browsers may be OK in most cases, but we will not guarantee proper functionality of all our Web products if you use other browsers.

Our site requires JavaScript enabled in the browser. This is the default setting. (Tools/Internet Options/ Security/Custom Level/ Scripting/Enable)
Medium text size is preferred. (View/Text Size)

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Monitor Resolution

Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768
Monitor Display: High color / 24 bit

Monitor Resolution: 800 x 600
Monitor Display: 256 colors / 8 bit.

Resolution Adjustment
From Start button, select Settings, Control Panel. Select Display.
Click Settings tab. Move slider to 800 x 600 or higher. Click OK. Select Yes to keep this setting.

If you are unable to move the slider bar, reduce the number of colors the monitor is displaying.

From Start button, select Settings, Control Panel.
Select Display. Select the Settings tab.
Click on the Color Palette dropdown. Select 256 Color. Click OK.

Other Software

Adobe® Reader®
This is required for viewing and printing PDF files.
It is common for Web sites to provide information in PDF format when printing is normally done or it is impractical to provide as Web pages due to size or complexity of the format.

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