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Local Tariff


Local Tariff
Abu Dhabi  

Airfreight Import

          Rate in AED Rate in USD
ISS Delivery Order Fee : 300 up to 100 kgs Thereafter 0.65/kg 82 up to 100 kgs Thereafter 0.18/kg
ISS Documentation charges : 250.00 per shpt   68.00 per shpt  
ISS charges for E- Online customs clearance : 100.00 per shipment   27.00 per shipment
ISS Labour charges for Customs/Inspection & Forklift for loading : 50.00 per shipment   14.00 per shipment
B/Entry fees : 90.00 per B/E(as per actuals)   25.00 per B/E ( as per actuals )
Transportation from Abu Dhabi airport to city limits by 3ton pick up : 350.00 per trip   95.00 per trip
Customs Duty/ if applicable : 5% of CIF value   5% of CIF value
Hazardous Cargo ( HAZMAT) if applicable     Rate in AED   Rate in USD  
ERWADA Inspection Fee : 100.00 per document 27.00 per document ( as per actuals )
ISS Fee for ERWADA processing : 100.00 per document   27.00 per document  
Air Freight (Documents required for custom clearance in Abu-Dhabi)
Original Commercial Invoice on company letterhead duly stamped and signed by the shipper ((Colour scanned copy/ electronic stamp is not acceptable)
Proforma Invoice not accepted
Original Packing list
Original Certificate of origin from the chamber of commerce (Attested/ legalized by Chamber of Commerce in origin /Electronic attestation is not acceptable)

In case of no original documents custom deposit @ AED 1000 per missing shipping document will be applicable.
In case of general cargo
MAWB To be consigned to Inchchape Shipping Services, P.O.Box 247, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
HAWB To be consigned to the actual consignee
Insurance is not included. Offloading to cnee's account.

Invoice / Packing List - should mentioned each items H.S.Code and country of origin

In case of console shipments nature of commodity on the MAWB should always be stated as CONSOLIDATED CARGO AS PER ATTACHED MANIFEST.
In case of dangerous goods we need the MSDS for the shipment
Gross weight on the MAWB ,Gross weight on the HAWB'S , the gross weight on the shipper's packing list should always tally.
Storage - Airfreight - 7 days Free including date of arrival
Pre-alerts to be send to our common email id

All Contracts are perfomed with in accordance with the Standard Trading Terms & Conditions of Inchcape Shipping Services - Cargo Services Division ( copy available on request ) limiting our role & liability as an intermediary.
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