20 December, 2021

Flooding in Port Klang, Malaysia

Heavy down pour over the past 24 hours has caused flash floods in all area's of Selangor. Port Klang, Klang and Shah Alam are badly affected with houses being submerged in water. In view of this, some of the main access roads for logistics purposes have been closed. There is no electricity in Setia Alam.

The main ports of Port Klang (Westport's and North Port) have been running with limited manpower due to some of the port staff being unable to get to work due to main access road closed due to flood. Westport's is operating with only 31 cranes and North port only able to deploy 1 crane for each vessel. This situation has worsened the vessel waiting time, which was previously approximately 3 days.

In view of this, the Association of Malaysian Hauliers has issued a circular stating there will be some delays or stoppage of haulage movement.

Ports: Port Klang (Westports / North Port)
Issue type: Natural Disaster
Impact: Partial Closure