18 September, 2018

Hurricane Report - Atlantic / Gulf

Executive Summary

A whirlwind couple of weeks has suddenly come to a halt and, in the case of Isaac, literally fizzled out overnight. 

Hurricane Florence made her appearance over the weekend, and covered the east coast from North Carolina to Georgia with a record breaking rains in areas like Wilmington. An estimated $20 billion USD in damages are expected due to damages and flood waters. Some areas in North Carolina recorded over 30 inches of rain. The death toll was at 25+ this afternoon as people are still trapped and isolated due to the floor waters. Rising creeks and rivers are a threat to the area as the storm moves northeast into  Wilmington is “cut off” due to the flooding. 

Port of Wilmington will be in Zulu (closed until September 19th).  Further updates will be sent out as soon as we have more information. 

Savannah, Charleston, and Norfolk are on Port Condition are now at Port Condition Whiskey. 

Oil & Gas Impacts
There are currently no impacts to the oil & gas sector

Electrical Infrastructure  
500,000 homes and businesses are still without power. 


Remnants of hurricane Florence are moving northwest towards Washington D.C. and is expected to continue to bring flooding to the northeast. 
Clean-up and rescue efforts are in full effect. 

Isaac dissipated over night during the into “an area of disturbance”.  Predictions are showing a 10% change of development in the next 5 days.  Conditions are expected to remain unfavorable for formation, but forecasters are still tracking. 

Joyce poses no threat to coastal areas, and seems to be spinning in circles in the Atlantic.