09 May, 2022

Impact of Cyclone 'Asani' in India

Cyclone ‘Asani’, which intensified into a severe cyclonic storm on Sunday over the Bay of Bengal, has resulted in various weather and fisher warnings over the afflicted regions.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) expects to continue on its northwestward path till Tuesday when it will reach the west-central and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off North Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coasts. Thereafter, it is very likely to recurve north-northeastwards and move parallel to the country’s east coast towards the northwest Bay of Bengal off the Odisha coast.

Visakhapatnam port is closed and that other ports have issued warnings.

We can expect the cyclone to be at its harshest on Monday, and will likely start weakening by the evening of the same day. IMD predicts that the storm will de-intensify into a cyclonic storm with wind speeds of 75-95 kmph by Tuesday afternoon. It is further expected to reach a depression status by Thursday, with about half its peak wind speeds


Issue Type


Severe weather conditions



Complete Closure

Visakhapatnam is expected to open again in the next 24 hours.