21 June, 2021

Japanese National Holidays

The following Japanese National Holiday’s days are different in 2021 due to Tokyo Olympic Year.

  1. Marine Day is usually on the third Monday in July, however, it’s on Thursday, the 22nd of July in 2021.
  2. (Health and) Sports Day is usually on the second Monday in October, however, it’s on Friday, the 23rd of July in 2021.
  3. Mountain Day is on the 11th of August, however, it’s on Sunday, the 8th of August in 2021 (followed by the substitute holiday on Monday, the 9th of August).

Your 2021 calendar may be edited before the changes and indicating July 19 (Mon) as Marine Day, October 11 (Mon) as Sports Day and August 11 (Wed) as Mountain Day, however, all of which are not holidays anymore but normal working days now.

Please note and mind of these changes.

2021 Holidays in Japan from July towards the end year after the changes as follows.

July 19 (Mon) – No longer a holiday

July 22 (Thu) – Holiday (Marine Day)

July 23 (Fri) – Holiday (Sports Day)


Aug 8 (Sun) – Holiday (Mountain Day)

Aug 9 (Mon) – Substitute Holiday

Aug 11 (Wed) – No longer a holiday


Sep 20 (Mon) – Holiday (Respect-for-the-Aged Day)

Sep 23 (Thu) – Holiday (Autumnal Equinox Day)


Oct 11 (Mon) – No longer a holiday


Nov 3 (Wed) – Holiday (Culture Day)

Nov 23 (Tue) – Holiday (Labour Thanksgiving Day)


Those changes are applicable only for 2021 – Tokyo Olympic Year.