16 April, 2019

New Product Line - Draft Damping Devices

Inchcape Marine Survey and Inspection Australia are pleased to advise that we have dispatched the first part order of our very effective draft damping devices, to a major shipping company.

These devices have been developed and tested over a number of years, to enable ships’ crew, surveyors, and port officials to read ships’ draft in heavy seas and swells, with very fine accuracy.  The units are large, extremely tough, and manufactured from high quality components.

Whilst not a new concept, these extremely robust units have been thoroughly tested in heavy sea conditions, and given that at any one time, 40% of the world bulk carrier fleets is within Australian waters, some of which can be extremely rough, accurate draft reading is essential for commercial and safety reasons.

When commercial documents are being created on the basis of draft survey, and when there is a 4m + sea and swell running, to be able to accurately measure drafts under any circumstances, will give confidence to shipowners, charterers, and cargo receivers that they are indeed using best practice to determine accuracy.

Even more advantageous, is that if a vessel is loading to a critical draft, due to restrictions at discharge port, such accuracy will enable owners and charterers to maximize cargo.