30 November, 2021

Port Advisory regarding the Omicron variant - Kandla and Mundra port

Kandla and Mundra port have given below quoted advisory for all vessels calling in port.  Please follow below mentioned precautions & guidelines to prevent a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 named Omicron:

  1. Vessel Inward Clearance will be issued explicitly after PHO (Port Health Officer) clearance and port discretion after assessing vessel’s crew health parameters.
  2. Ship’s crew from the countries mentioned in attached circular are not to disembark from vessel without port permission and clearance from immigration.
  3. Vessels arriving from the Port of the countries mentioned in the circular to minimize their interaction with pilots, minimum people should be on bridge expediting essential navigating duties only and ensure PPE is donned by all on bridge engaged in maneuvering. In use areas, pilot passing areas are disinfected thoroughly prior pilot boarding as per enforce advisory.
  4. Vessel Visits by visitors, stakeholder representatives, inspectors, auditors, officials etc. to be avoided.
  5. Agency / Stevedores / Service providers / Internal SBU’s / officials to minimize their exposure and interaction to ships by allocating minimum number of people for visiting ships for essential services only.
  6. Agency / Stevedores / Service providers / Officials / Internal SBU’s / officials should adopt best practises for maintaining personal hygiene by washing hands often and adherence to WHO (World Health Organization) COVID19 prevention guidelines.
  7. Agency representatives / stevedores / Service providers/Officials are advised to carry their own PPE while visiting suspected vessels i.e. hand gloves, face mask, sanitizer, and disposable bags.