12 May, 2022

The latest shipping update on Ukraine, Black Sea and Turkish Straits

  • As of 08:00 12.05.22: entrance / exit to the ports of Mykolaiv, Olvia, Odessa, Chornomorsk, Pivdennyi, Ust-Dunaisk closed.
  • Izmail, Reni, Ust-Dunaisk are handling vessels going up the Danube and Black Sea direction via the Sulina canal.
  • Security level is 3. Curfew time is from 22:00 to 05:00. Extended curfiew from 08.05.2022 22:00 to 10.05.2022 05:00 in force.
  • The north-western part of the Black Sea is blocked by the Russian Federation allegedly "for a counter-terrorist operation” and the area is closed for navigation by Ukraine.
  • Reported some mines are drifting in the North Western Part of Black Sea.
  • ​​​ISS Odessa office is closed for safety of staff. For enquiries please contact our South Europe - Regional Operations Centre:  MEDNETOPS.PIRAEUS@ISS-SHIPPING.COM / +30 210 414 6600


On May 11, 2022 a shell hit a barge in Ochakov port. No remarkable damage caused.

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Warning from Turkish authorities:

1. Mines were placed at ports of Odessa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk and Yuzhnyy,
2. It has been evaluated that the mines may break off from their equipment and become drifting mines and create a navigational hazard,
3. For this reason, it is important that all ships in the region and navigating to establish a keen lookout for drifting mines,
4. Detections of drifting mines/mine-like objects should be reported immediately to Turkish Radio (channel-16), Main Search and Rescue Coordination Center (00903122324783, sar@uab.gov.tr/trmrcc@uab.gov.tr ) to the Naval Forces Command (00903124032222), denkom.harekatmrk@dzkk.tsk.tr ) and Coast Guard Command (00903124164801, Notice@sg.gov.tr )
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