Supplying Continuous
Cyber Security

Inchcape Shipping Services are global providers of port agency and maritime services, with 240 offices in 68 countries and a team of 3,000 professional and committed staff.


Inchcape is committed to delivering secure, effective, reliant and compliant solutions that meets your business needs

Inchcape uses best of breed IT solutions and software from security compliant companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Symantec, Threatspike, Proofpoint and Cisco.

All key IT Solution and Software partners are ISO27001 and SOC2 certified.

Securing The Global Network

As part of enabling our partners to connect to a smoother, smarter ocean through technology and our global network, we ensure that our solutions are designed and implemented with security as a key cornerstone.

Internal Security

Our Cyber Security protection includes and is not limited to: 

  • Regular Penetration Testing & vulnerability scanning
  • Deep Packet Analysis
  • Web Filter
  • Rigorous patching
  • Anti-phishing remediation, simulation and training
  • Multiple layers of email filter
  • Market leading Anti-virus
  • Industry standard network protection
  • 24/7 SOC & NOC
  • Leveraging O365 and AWS security functionality 

Compliance and Training

Inchcape has a robust policy and training regime covering pivotal Cyber Security topics.

Compliance is overseen by our dedicated Cyber Security Team, headed by our CISSP qualified Cyber Security Manager with over 15 years’ experience including two UK Police forces.

24/7 monitoring is provided though our Security Operations Centre and Network Operations Centre.