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11 April, 2019

Australia - Port Waratah Coal Services Tidal Coal Load Plan Trial Update

Please see below and attached important information from the Customer Specialist of Port Waratah Coal Services in regards to Tidal Coal Load Plan trial Update.


Date 10 April 2019
Subject Tidal Coal Load Plan Trial update

Below is an update of the Tidal Coal Load Plan Trial. Port Waratah’s intention is to continue with the trial conditions and embed these as business as usual.

The tidal CLP trial aimed to:
1. Have the correct CLP in Services Portal for vessel signup (first low-high water after forecast completion),
2. Provide consistent decision points throughout loading (6 hours after vessel commence loading and 6 hours before forecast time of completion), and
3. Provide additional tonnes to the vessel wherever possible.

Since the trial commenced in mid-January we have loaded 73 tidal vessels.

From a Vessel signup perspective:
45 of these were signed up to the approved coal loading plan available via Services Portal / SLIC.
A further 9 vessels were signed up to within 5cm of the approved CLP.

We still have further work to tighten up this process, but this is a significant improvement from the previous generic 15.18 CLP.

From a tonnes loaded perspective:
12 of the 73 vessels had external restrictions on sailing draught (discharge port etc.) and 33 vessels sailed on the low-high water.

Of the 28 remaining vessels which sailed on the high-high water, 18 of these received additional coal.

The 18 vessels which were given additional tonnes loaded to an average of 15.35m, which was a tonnage increase of 2000 tonnes per vessel over the standard 15.18m CLP and 2650 tonnes above signup.

Note that with descending high-high tides, Port Waratah will ensure that the vessel can sail on the next 2 high-high tides. This is to mitigate the risk of vessels being held at berth for extended periods.

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Brad Belcher
Customer Specialist