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06 February, 2020


Please find herewith below an important notice from Pilbara Ports Authority in regards to Port of Dampier Tropical Low 05U.


Good Morning All,

Port of Dampier – Tropical Low 05U – Update 4

As per latest BoM forecast Tropical low(05U) continues to move  in a westerly direction and is likely to reach Tropical Cyclone intensity later today. 
Once formed, the cyclone is forecast to slow down and track in a Southerly direction towards the Pilbara coast and intensify to Category 3 before reaching the coast on Saturday. 

Port of Dampier may begin to experience gale force winds and associated swells from Friday AM hours. 

ALERT LEVEL: The Port of Dampier is currently at Cyclone Stage 2 - Prepare

This stage involves extensive communications and consultation between the Dampier Harbour Master, Port Terminal Operators, Port users and Pilots. Operational plans, sailing drafts, tidal requirements and intentions will be discussed and evaluated against possible response scenarios.


Date and time of issue:                            0800 AWST Thursday 06th Feb 2020
Location of system:                                  Approximately 16.9S 120.7E 
Forecast motion:                                      W @ 8 knots  
Category:                                                 Below TC intensity 
Maximum winds:                                      30 Gusting 45 knots  
Range and Bearing                                  318 nm X NE


The Port Of Dampier will move to Cyclone Stage 3 – Clear Port by today evening 1700 hours LT.

The intention is to have Port of Dampier cleared by 07Th Feb 2020 @ 0300 LT.

The weather forecasts will continue to be monitored, further advice will be issued  later today at 1600 Hours LT. 

Following staged approach will be implemented to clear the port.   

06th Feb 2020


1700 hrs – All Anchorages 

  • All vessels to have sailed and cleared all inner anchorages 
  • All vessels to have sailed and cleared Western anchorages 


1800 hrs – 

  • Vessel’s from Dampier Salt, King Bay Supply Base, Rio Tinto, Toll Dampier Supply Base 
  • PPA’s  Bulk Liquid Berth and Dampier Cargo Wharf to be cleared   

07th Feb 2020

0200 hrs –

  • Vessel’s from Woodside Terminals to be cleared 

Harbourmaster Directive

Vessel Masters shall ensure:

  • Vessel's engines and machinery are fully operational
  • Vessel's stability, trim, and propeller immersion are appropriate
  • Vessel's manning, stores and bunkers are adequate for departure
  • Preparations are made in accordance with their respective cyclone response plan

Terminal/berth operators  are to ensure that :

  • The response plan accounts for time required by vessel's to clear the port as directed by the Harbour Master.
  • The wharf areas are inspected for and cleared off / secured for any items that may have the potential to fall into the berth pockets or adjacent areas during periods of strong winds

Best Regards

Vikas Bangia 
Harbour Master / PSO  – Dampier