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07 December, 2020

Holiday notice 'End/New year holiday' in Japan

Kindly note that Japan will have end/new year holiday as follows.

Dec. 2020

  • 25th (Fri) - Business day
  • 26th (Sat) - Weekend
  • 27th (Sun) - Weekend
  • 28th (Mon) - Business day
  • 29th(Tue) - Holiday
  • 30th(Wed) - Holiday
  • 31st(Thu) - Holiday

Jan. 2021

  • 01st (Fri) - Holiday
  • 02nd (Sat) - Holiday
  • 03rd (Sun) - Holiday
  • 04th (Mon) - Business day

Local private companies such as repairer, supplier, etc. will also close their offices during the end/new year as per their company regulation (some companies may close office earlier than 29th/Dec or extend further 4th/Jan) and any new request shall not be available during the period.

We recommend your good vessel/office contact the necessary vendors well in advance before the coming end/new year, for safe arrangements if any of your good ship are planned to call Japan. We are of course willing to serve your good ships even during this holiday time.

We look forward to receiving your instructions at ‘All ISS Tokyo OPS’ for any time. While, we also recommend to issue earlier instruction for the safe arrangements.

For your guidance, following points which we must clear in advance to receive port entry permission from port authorities.


We must submit the formality to Japan Coast Guard 24hrs before ship's arrival.


We must submit the formality to Transport Bureau by 1200lt of one day before ship's arrival (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holiday). 

If Ship’s ETA on   /   Must clear by

Dec. 2020              Dec. 2020

25th (Fri)               1200lt/24th(Thu)

26th (Sat)              1200lt/25th(Fri)

27th (Sun)             1200lt/25th(Fri)

28th (Mon)            1200lt/25th(Fri)

29th(Tue)              1200lt/28th(Mon)

30th(Wed)             1200lt/28th(Mon)

31st(Thu)              1200lt/28th(Mon)


Jan. 2021              Dec. 2020

01st (Fri)               1200lt/28th(Mon)

02nd (Sat)             1200lt/28th(Mon)

03rd (Sun)            1200lt/28th(Mon)

04th (Mon)            1200lt/28th(Mon)

05th (Tue)             1200lt/5th(Mon)


Depending on ship’s cargo and calling port, we need to obtain HNS certificate or MDPC certificate.

To obtain valid certificate safely with basic fee, application & remittance has to be completed 2 bank business days before ship’s arrival (excluding Sat/Sun/Holiday). FYG: In this year, the center opens till 30th Dec but unless ISPS formality is cleared, ship cannot enter to port. Thus, following is deadline basis ISPS clearance deadline.

Ship arriving at Japan port during 26th/Dec - 4th/Jan have to complete the application & remittance on 24th/Dec while bank opening hour.
Ship arriving at Japan port on 5th/Jan have to complete the application & remittance on 28th/Dec while bank opening hour.

Considering above AA) - CC), we highly appreciate your kind cooperation to advise us the shipment information (even if it is tentative one) in detail (ship’s name, port, ETA, cargo, etc.) at least by 24th/Dec/2020 for our safe preparation.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter.