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27 August, 2020

Houston - Galveston Port Condition Recovery

Below is the latest MSIB issued August 27, 2020 and effective at 1100 hrs.  The Sector Houston-Galveston Captain of the Port has set Port Condition Recovery for the ports of Houston, Galveston, Texas City, and Freeport.


  • The Port of Freeport and its entrance channel is open to ship and tow traffic with a draft restriction of 26 feet.
  • The Galveston Bay Entrance Channel, Outer Bar Channel, Inner Bar Channel, Bolivar Road Anchorages, and Bolivar Roads Channel are closed to ship traffic, but open to tug and barge traffic.
  • The Galveston Harbor Channel, the Texas City Channel, and the Houston Ship Channel from the Texas City “Y” to Morgan’s Point is open to ship movements with a draft restriction to be communicated by Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

We will continue to keep you updated on port conditions as more information becomes available. 

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