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11 October, 2018

Hurricane Report - Atlantic / Gulf

Executive Summary
Hurricane season ends November 30th, and the tropics are showing no signs of slowing down. Hurricane Leslie has literally been doing circles in the Atlantic, and Tropical Storm Nadine formed this week. Nadine is located 13.6N and 32.7W and is on a northwest path moving towards the Caribbean at 8 mph. Neither Nadine nor Leslie pose a threat to land at the current time.
Another tropical disturbance is forming in west-central Caribbean with a 50% change of formation in the next 5 days. This will be another system to keep an eye on as we move into the weekend.
History was made today in the Florida Panhandle when hurricane Michael came ashore today as a massive Category 4 at 155 mph (250 km/h), just shy of a category 5. Media and local residents took to social media outlets such as Facebook and Periscope to record live footage and damage. The storm is now located over the state of Georgia moving northeast towards the Carolinas at 17 mph. Michael still maintains hurricane status at a category 1 with windspeeds at 80 mph (128 km/h). Live updates and photos can be seen on CBS News here.
As seen on the picture below, the cooler dry air (yellow) is pushing Michael back out into the Atlantic.
Port Conditions & Inchcape Office Closures

Ports of Wilmington, NC and Morehead City, NC.
The North Carolina ports will go to Condition Yankee this afternoon at 1800. Condition ZULU will be set at 00300/11th until the storm passes North Carolina or until the USCG deems everything is safe. Both ports look to reopen on Friday AM.
Both ports look to reopen on Friday AM.
All staff will continue to monitor e-mails after 1700 hours today and hope to be up and running Friday morning.

USCG is keeping Jax/Fern. Beach on condition WHISKEY at this time. They do anticipate some Wind and Rain the next 24-36 hrs, but nothing that is too dangerous.
ISS office is still monitoring e-mails.

As of 0900 USCG has issued modified condition Yankee-
Vessel transit is still allowed under approval and a strict vetting.
No deep draft- tide restricted or vessels with over 24 hrs work are permitted.
No timeframe is set for escalation however forecast winds tonight and tomorrow will prevent pilot boarding.
The Savannah office is closing at 1200 and will re-open at 0800 Friday if weather and damages permit.
More updates to come as Michael moves across southeast United States.
Please be advised that at 1200 today October 10th our office will close in preparation for Hurricane Michael landfall.
We expect to reopen Friday morning October 12th at 0800.
We will be remotely monitoring emails and can be reached on our cell phones should you need anything.
ISS Charleston:

Gary Santos – Port Manager – 843-514-2453
Jason Shaw - Operations Rep – 843-513-3319
Jim Owens – Operations Rep – 843-300-5198
Electric & Power

Over 500,000 homes and businesses have lost power so far. This number is expected to grow to a possible 2,000,000 within the next two days. Once the total damage is assessed, it could take weeks to restore power to some areas that were heavily damaged.

There are currently 4,130 storm team members being dispatched to help restore power. As well as citizens from other states and counties who are ready to move in and assist with clean-up efforts.
Oil & Gas

It seems the oil & gas hubs were spared. The storm hit just east of the refining hub, and spared a critical source of fuel supply. The offshore production rigs will return to normal working conditions quickly after damage assessments have been done (if any).

Oil prices were down 2% after gaining Tuesday. Louisiana Offshore Oil Port stopped operations at it’s marine terminal, and caused a temporary dip in export activity. More can be read here.

Fuel distributors are in place to resupply gas stations.