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05 September, 2019

Hurricane Report - Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is still skirting the east coast. The core or “eye” of the storm is 50 miles out to sea. It is traveling off the coast of South Carolina as a category 2 moving NNE at 8 mph. Windspeeds have increased overnight from 105 mph to 110 mph, but are expected to slow down in the overnight hours.

Dorian has made record of lasting 12 days as a named storm. The average is 9 to 10 days. 

Typically hurricanes cause an increase in tide called “storm tide”.  Storm tides can be 4 to 25 feet above normal. However, Dorian is having the opposite effect, and is pulling the tide away from shore. Meteorologist Neil Dixon stated, “It’s actually a blowout, blowing out our tide”. This is keeping flooding to streets and neighborhoods due to rainfall.

North Carolina has experienced damaging tornados, and approximately 240,000 power outages have been reported.

Aftermath of Dorian – Bahamas

The death toll is now at 23, and continues to rise. More are still missing. The island of Abaco is only reachable by helicopter or small water craft. About 60% of homes were deestroyed, and thousands of people are homeless.  The airports on Abaco are still underwater, and the ports have been destroyed.
The U.S Coast Guard has rescued 135 people, and the British Royal Navy is distributing food and water. The total loss for the Bahamas is up to around $7 billion USD. This includes building contents and business interuption exposures. Cruise lines such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival are offering their support and aid. 

Port Conditions Update

  1. Current winds are at 115 mph (Increased to a MAJOR Category 3) as she is 70 miles SSE of Charleston, SC and 170 miles SSW of Wilmington, NC and moving NNE at 8 mph.
  2. Georgia and the Carolina’s have issued mandatory evacuations for the coastal communities which includes all Inchcape staff in those 3 port offices.
  3. Have spoken with all offices and all employees are safe and accounted for. 

Current Inchcape Office Situation

  • PEV/MIA: Open as of 0800 Wednesday the 4th.
  • Jacksonville: Do not expect office to reopen until Friday the 6th at the earliest. 
  • Savannah: Closed and will not reopen until Friday the 6th at the earliest.
  • Charleston: Closed and will not reopen until Monday the 9th at the earliest.
  • North Carolina: Expect to close today and will not reopen until Monday the 9th at the earliest. 
  • Bahamas: Local staff are assessing the damages and are looking to get the office back online. Updates to follow.

Port Details

Key West – Fully open.
West Palm Beach to Miami – Fully open.
Port Canaveral – Fully open.
Jacksonville – At 0845/05th USCG and local authorities will begin assessment of local waterways. Look to reopen later today.
Savannah to Brunswick – At 1300 today all critical port staff will return to work and per GA Ports website all vessel, Truck and Intermodal work will resume as normal at 0800 Friday the 6th. 
Charleston – As of 0800 Sep 04 condition is ZULU. 
Morehead City to Wilmington – Currently open until 1200 today. Port gates will close at 1200 and at 1700 Sept 04 condition will be ZULU.