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30 August, 2019

Hurricane Report - Tropical Storm Dorian off Puerto Rico


As predicted, Hurricane Dorian has made “major” hurricane status as of 13:00 today. The storm is now a category 3 with windspeeds of 110 mph (177 km/h, 95 kn).
The center of the storm is 24.8 N 70.3 W moving northwest at 10 mph (16 km/h, 8 kn). Dorian has slowed down giving it a chance to intensify over warm waters. Forecasters are predicting an upgrade to a category 4 overnight. 

Below is expected wave height map (in feet) as Dorian moves towards the east coast.

Dorian will make landfall Monday into Tuesday with tropical force windspeeds arriving as early as Sunday September 1st. 
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urged residents to have at least a week’s worth of food, water, and medicine, saying at a news conference in Tallahassee that they should be prepared for a “multiday event.” Florida is under a declaration of emergency.

There are fuel shortages in the area, as well as food, water, and supplies. Airlines are waving fees or allowing cancellations (restrictions apply) and cruise lines are changing itineraries for travelers. 


Port Conditions:
Port Canaveral, Fernandina & Jacksonville

Key West 
August 30 – X-RAY
August 31- ZULU

Fort Pierce to Miami


Tropical Storm Dorian has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. The storm is expected to be a major hurricane when it makes landfall in Florida on Monday September 1st. We will continue to monitor the storm and path as it develops. 

Port conditions and evacuations will be reported as they are published. The track and intensity can fluctuate and change so the exact path is unknown at this time. Some models show the storm moving across Florida, back into the Gulf of Mexico to get stronger again before making final landfall. Any area with the white “cone” has a potential for landfall. 

Current windspeeds are around 75 mph (120 km/h 65 kn) with gusts up to 110 mph. The storm is moving NW at 13 mph (20 km/h 11 kn). As the barometric pressure of the storm drops, the more intense the hurricane becomes. Current pressure is at 1011 mb (millibars), and is expected to drop to 958 mb by Sunday. 

Port Condition Updates:

The Port of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Manatee have declared Port Conditon Whiskey ahead of the storm in preparation. 
Port Canaveral south to Key West are also in Port Condition Whiskey. Port Conditions are expected to be upgraded to X-RAY tomorrow afteroon. 

Coast Guard port conditions

The US Coast Guard uses a system of port conditions ranging from Whiskey to Zulu telling ship operators how to respond to coming tropical weather.
Port conditions are set by a Coast Guard captain of the port and apply to the official’s entire area of responsibility. The condition statuses are as follows:

  • Whiskey: Set when gale force winds are expected to arrive at the port within 72 hours. Port remains open to all commercial traffic, but oceangoing ships and barges must report their intention to remain in port or depart. If they are departing, they must do so within 12 hours of gale-force winds.
  • X-Ray: Gale force winds are expected within 48 hours. The rules are similar to port condition Whiskey.
  • Yankee: Gale force winds predicted within 24 hours. Vessels seeking to depart must arrange immediate departure. Cargo operations must cease with 18 kilometre per hour (kph) winds. Transfer hoses must be disconnected with 22 kph winds. Ships seeking to arrive in port should seek an alternate destination.
  • Zulu: Gale force winds within 12 hours. The port is closed.


The latest models have been updated as of 1400, 27 August.

Port conditions in Puerto Rico have been upgraded to YANKEE by the US Coast Guard in southern and western ports. 

During Port Condition YANKEE, sustained winds between 39 and 54 mph are possible within 24 hours. All ocean-going commercial vessels and ocean-going barges greater than 500 gross tons should leave the port once Port Condition YANKEE is in effect, unless authorization has been given from the COTP to remain in port. Below is a list of ports and status.

If and when Port Condition ZULU is set in any given port, meaning sustained gale force winds are expected within 12 hours, the port will be closed to all commercial inbound and outbound vessel traffic until the storm has cleared the area and Coast Guard completes the necessary port assessments.

Doran is set to make landfall in southwest Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic 28 August as a Tropical Storm. Sustained winds are around 50 mph (80 kph/43 kn).

The storm will make it’s way to the Florida peninsula around Sunday morning. There is concern of the path crossing over Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, which will give the storm a chance to intensify before it makes landfall again. 


For questions or concerns, please contact the local Inchcape office in Puerto Rico.
Phone: +1 787 620 2030 
Fax: +1 787 620 0001