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10 June, 2019

Port of Bunbury Closed & Strong Weather Notice at Geraldton

Please find herewith below notification and attachment received from Port of Bunbury and Mid-West Ports Authority pertaining to strong weather being experienced at Geraldton.



Note the Port of Bunbury closed at 1330hrs due to heavy weather.

The Pilots will assess the weather at 0900hrs Sunday 9th June.

Thanks and regards

Les Turner
Acting Harbour Master
Senior Pilot / Deputy Harbour Master
Port of Bunbury
Southern Ports


Below notice from Mid West Ports.


Good Afternoon All,

A friendly reminder

Please advise all vessels that are currently at anchorage or due to arrive in Geraldton over the next few days of the current severe weather conditions forecast from today through until Thursday 13th June.            

We ask that you advise Masters that they should maintain a close watch on their position and heave anchor and proceed to sea if concerned regarding the ability of their vessel to maintain station at anchor. Should vessels start to drag anchor they have permission to heave up anchor and sail to safe waters or steam up and down the coast until bad weather passes.

NOTE: VHF coverage is limited during the hours of 1700-0700 and should they need to move please do so and log their times and advise the agent via email.


Aimee Meehan
Senior Ship Scheduling Administrator


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