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30 June, 2020

Sohar Anchorage 1 to 10 days free of charged - Tariff Changes

The Port of Sohar (Oman) will be changing their port tariff effective tomorrow, the 1st of July 2020.

The main difference in the new tariff is that the anchorage free days will extend from 1-5 days free to 1-10 days free, which is the same no. of free days as Fujairah.

This will effectively be more beneficial to vessel owners who are awaiting orders.

The following initial charges will be applicable for above port stay.

Anchorage Charges for the permission/Clearance Service: USD 416.82 (per clearance – for giving permission to stay at Sohar port anchorage area. NO PC to be issued for anchorage stay)

All other charges will be applicable and thus please reach out our Sohar office email for PDA’s: