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26 November, 2018

Storylines Engage with Inchcape for Support Launching their First Vessels

Storylines, a refreshing Cruise Industry passenger ownership concept that places the emphasis on the sustainable legacy of a Cruise ship, recently finalised an agreement with Inchcape Shipping Services (Inchcape), the world’s largest maritime services provider, to provide Cruise Industry Consultancy and support ambitions to finalise and launch the first Storylines vessels within the coming three years. 

With a pipeline of over 100+ new ships on order, Storylines expects to offer the ideal sustainable solution to support Cruise Lines with modern fleets to retire some of their slightly older ladies early, thereby breathing new energy to the latter years of a selected Cruise vessels lifespan. 

On board a future Storylines ship, the passenger will be the owner of the cabin adopting the “ship is my castle” approach, much in the way the World Residence at sea operates. However, the entry price point is notably lower starting at around $155,000 USD per cabin, which is destined to capture completely untouched portfolio of shipboard owners from varied backgrounds and demographics on a worldwide scale. In an ever connected world it will soon be possible for a new generation and type of shipboard owners to Live, Work, Study and Play at sea, while circumnavigating the planet, a philosophy that the Storylines concept truly embraces. 

Storylines Co-Founders Shannon Lee and Alister Punton are engaging with the Inchcape Cruise Solutions team based in Dubai and spearheaded by Cruise Industry veteran Grant Holmes, to further bolster their Cruise Industry resources, develop attractive global itineraries and to give essential shipboard and Port Operations guidance, as this innovative project matures into a sustainable reality.