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11 August, 2021

Taiwan: Regulation of Sailing Direction for the Changhua Wind Farm Channel

Please be advised of the following Taiwan notice for vessels Sailing Direction of the Changhua Wind Farm channel (the passage / sailing lanes between Taichung and Mailiao port).

In case the vessel will transit (passing or making a passage) Changhua Wind Farm channel, all vessels need to follow up this Sailing Direction and report to / coordinate with Changhua VTS. Penalty could be incurred if any violation identified.  The Sailing Direction and relevant documents as attached for your guidance.

1.      8 hours pre-notice: sending an email with format attached (annex: Pre-Arrival Notification form of Changhua wind farm channel) to Changhua VTS via the designated mail box "".  After the notification being logged, vessel will obtain response with "Pre-Arrival Notification received" from Changhua VTS then your good vessel may proceed the reporting procedure when arriving at the reporting line.

2.      Reporting arrival and follow the Changhua VTS instruction to transit / pass the channels / shipping lanes.

Resubmission of Pre-Arrival notification is required under two circumstances:

a) Confirmation from Changhua VTS not being received by 4 hours prior to arrival at the reporting line.

b) The estimated time of entry into the Changhua Wind Farm Channel deviates by 4 hours or more from the original reported / estimated time.

**** Please note, starting from 26/Oct/2021, if vessel did not comply with above regulation, the maximum penalty fine is NTD500,000 (abt. USD18,181).

Pre-arrival notification form of Changhua Wind Farm channel
Sailing direction for the Changhua Wind Farm channel_English version