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24 March, 2021

MV Ever Given grounded in the Suez Canal

21:30 Local Time Egypt (26.03.2021) Update

Please note that the salvage team have managed to float the MV Ever Given from stern /aft. and released the rudder. The salvage team will do another attempt after an hour using the high tide.

15:00 Local Time Egypt (25.03.2021) Update

Please note that re-floating operations just started at approx.1500 lt. with dredger involvement.

08:30 Local Time Egypt (25.03.2021) Update

Please note that the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) are now connecting lines to SC Tugs to start the re-floating operations of the MV Ever Given - 08:30 lt 25/03/2021.

Work commenced earlier this morning to tow three vessels (these vessel were in the Suez Canal behind the mv EVER GIVEN) to the Suez Canal outer anchorage. Currently two of the three vessels have moved back or are in the process of moving back, with one remaining.

17:00 Local Time Egypt (24.03.2021) Update

Please note that due to current high wind speed the re-floating process was suspend at 16:00 lt and SC tugs received instructions to stay away from the vessel, the SCA are monitoring the wind speed and weather conditions. Once improved they will resume the re-floating process with the assistance of the SC dredgers.

Consequently the vessel is still in its same position grounded and the Suez canal is still blocked.

As seen in World of Ports, AIS tracking shows that there are currently 114 Vessels at Anchorage either side of the Suez canal transit. 10 Vessels are heading to the Suez Canal En Route in the next 24 hrs.

14:00 Local Time Egypt (24.03.2021) Update

Please be advised that as per latest from our local office in Egypt and the Suez Canal Authority (13:30 local time 23th March 2021), the current situation in the Suez Canal has not changed with regards to the grounding of the MV Ever Given. Heavy tugs have not been able to re-float the vessel despite efforts made until now and the vessel is still in the same position. The Suez Canal Authority have confirmed they are continuing all their efforts to refloat the vessel and will update us accordingly.