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17 January, 2019

US Government Shutdown Update Day 27

The government shutdown has reached day 27 with no resolution in sight.  Experts are forecasting it will be February before there is an agreement to get back up and running.

In the meantime, tensions are increasing among workers that are required to work without pay; many of them air traffic controllers. According to Action News, “The Air Traffic Controllers Association will continue to operate even with limited staff to make sure the air space and passengers are safe.” 
While 6% of TSA agents are still calling in, security screening is reporting “normal” wait times. However, it is still recommended to allow 2 to 3 hours due to terminal closures in major airports. TSA agents are hosting rallies and protesting outside airports throughout the country. DFW airport in Dallas Texas reported protesters, and a silent march is planned for Hawaii’s Honolulu airport this week. 

With rising tensions, no income, and the fear of not being able to pay bills, an increase in protests will be seen in the coming weeks in major cities such as Houston, Chicago, and Washington D.C. 

A full TSA statement on checkpoint operations and wait times is attached. 

More than 44,000 Coast Guard employees are continuing to work without pay, as well as CBP officials. More information on CBP and the functions that are suspended can be found here: CPB Suspensions

The CBP will continue to remain staffed, however delays are expected. Your local Inchcape offices will continue to facilitate all necessary arrangements with CBP in regards to customs regulations within the port. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Inchcape office. Inchcape North America Directory