79 Anson Road, 13-01
Republic of Singapore


Simon Potter

Chief Procurement Officer

Ajay Dattaram Bhosle

Area General Manager

Yvonne Ho

VP Commercial Asia Pacific

Lynn Hee

VP Off-Shore Business

Eugene Tan

General Manager

Law Fook Wah

Senior Operations Manager / Team Leader – Passenger Ship Husbandry Services

Eric Lim

Operations Manager / Team Leader – Government Services / Offshore

Benson Sim

Team Leader - Bunkering / Ship Husbandry Services

Mike Kong

Team Leader - Tanker Ops

Richard Loh

Team Leader - Stolt Tankers Ops

Bernard Boey

Team Leader - Liner / Container Ship Husbandry Services

Lawrence Foo

Team Leader - CMA CGM Liner Husbandry Team

Eason Pang

APAC Regional Head, Ship Managers

Joeyee Chan

APAC Regional Head, Sector Specialist Charterer & Trader

Joseph Wei

Operations Executive

Azrin Aziz

Team Leader – Maersk Line/ MCC Transport Husbandry Team

David Pillai

Team Leader – Outport Services, Guam, Saipan and Micronesia Islands, Philippines, Myanmar

Vessel Support Services

Duty Coordinator – Crew logistics services

Justin Yeo

Operations Executive

Ellfean Ani

Marine Surveyor

Xannivier Lee

Marketing Executive

Wee Xin

Commercial Manager

Gloria Wu

Commercial Manager

Victor Yeo

Commercial Manager

Kristoferson Calleja

Commercial Manager

Ports Covered