United by common goals and shared values, we harness the passion, commitment and expertise to deliver the exceptional service our customers deserve.

Senior Leadership Team

Philippe Maezelle

Philippe Maezelle

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Harmstorf 2 1x1 1

Benjamin Harmstorf

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Evangelidis 1x1 1

Anna Evangelidis

Chief Operating Officer

Svend Stenberg Molholt ISS 1x1 1

Svend Stenberg Mølholt

Chief Commercial Officer

ISS 3148 1

Simon Potter

Chief Procurement Officer

Andy Ashwell 1

Andy Ashwell

Chief Information Officer

Adrian Ole

Adrian Ole

Chief People Officer

Al Cottrill 1x1 2

Al Cottrill

Group Transformation Officer

Giles Stanley 1

Giles Stanley

Group General Counsel and Compliance

Regional Leadership Team

ISS David Pratt 3508 1

David Pratt

Regional CEO, Asia Pacific

ISS Daniel Vikstrom 3551 1

Daniel Vikstrom

Regional CEO, EMEA

Harun Duzgoren WS 1

Harun Duzgoren

Regional CEO, Americas

ISS Yvonne Ho 3915 1

Yvonne Ho

VP Commercial, Asia Pacific

ISS Hege Solstad 3264 1

Hege Solstad

VP Commercial, EMEA

John Willemsen ISS team page 3

John Willemsen

VP Commercial, Americas

Corporate Leadership Team

ISS Harpreet Keila 3239

Harpreet Keila

Head of Operational Excellence

ISS Rajini Ravi 4007 1

Rajini Ravi

Global Head of Finance Operations

ISS Saleem Steve Deprez 3863 1

Steve Deprez

VP Global HR – Corporate & Support

ISS Michael Walker 3427 1

Michael Walker

Global Head of Finance & Tax

ISS Ian Wilkinson 3290 1

Ian Wilkinson

VP Sales Excellence

ISS Paul Hunt 3343

Paul Hunt

VP Corporate Finance

ISS Tom Hamilton 3446

Tom Hamilton

VP Technology

ISS Kevin Marjoram 3725

Kevin Marjoram

VP Liner

Laurent Vaslier 2

Laurent Vaslier

VP Tanker Business

Nicolas Wauters 1x1 1

Nicolas Casimir Wauters

VP Government Services

Grant Holmes 1x1 ws

Grant Holmes

VP Cruise & Super Yachts

Christopher Greenwood 1x1

Christopher Greenwood

VP Survey and Inspection

ISS Tom Wilson 3194

Tom Wilson

VP Managed Services

Sunil Chaudhary ISS 4

Sunil Chaudhary

VP Global Working Capital Optimisation

Imran Usman Vohra wp

Imran Usman Vohra

Interim VP of Hub Operations and DA Management

draft 2

Silke Schallenburger

VP Product

Lynn Hee tp

Lynn Hee

VP Off-Shore Business

Nikolay Popov

Nikolay Popov

Interim VP of VSC and Data Services

David Barker ws

David Barker

Head of Global Marketing & Communications