London International Headquarters


3rd Floor
60 Fenchurch street


Svend Stenberg Mølholt

Chief Commercial Officer

Anna Evangelidis

Chief Operating Officer

Benjamin Harmstorf

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Ashwell

Chief Information Officer

Al Cottrill

Group Transformation Officer

Giles Stanley

Group General Counsel and Compliance

Natasha Etienne

Executive Assistant

Christopher Greenwood

VP Surveys and Inspection

Paul Hunt

VP Corporate Finance

Steve Deprez

VP Global HR

Ian Wilkinson

VP Sales Excellence

Kevin Marjoram

VP Liner Solutions

Silke Schallenburger

VP Product

Michael Walker

Global Head of Finance & Tax in Finance

Harpreet Keila

Head of Operational Excellence

Harriet Naylor

Head of Global Legal in Legal & Compliance

Carmel Cummins

Head of Bids & Tenders

Ove Munthe-Kaas

Regional Head Tanker EMEA

David Barker

Head of Global Marketing & Communications Manager

Ally Cameron

Head of Port Optimisation

David Hutson

Project Lead

Frank Flitton

Pricing Manager

Raymond NG

CRM Manager

Ade Idowu

CRM Administrator

Shivani Agarawal

Product Market Executive

Elena Chernikova

Digital Marketing Executive

Chris Simmons

Sales Manager