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Transiting the Suez Canal? We deliver cost effective, end-to-end services with a commitment to complete compliance and rebate expertise.

Your ultimate partner in optimising your voyages involving Suez Transits

Service capabilities:

  • Dedicated Rebates and Transit Team.  We give advice and guidance, apply and follow up on funds collections of Suez Canal rebates on behalf of customers.  On an average month we handle over 10 rebate cases, with reclaimed funds from SCA on behalf of clients of approximately $ 2M
  • Crew transit to and from major airports. Inchcape employees will meet your crew at the airport and shuttle them to the vessel in our own vehicles. Our drivers are compliant with strict HSSE & driving policies.
  • Full range of husbandry and bunker port agency services.

On behalf of the our team, we want to express our gratitude for the exceptional job done by your team in Egypt in arranging timely certificates delivery and assistance in preparing the necessary package of documents in order to obtain SCA rebate.

Inchcape not only hit the mark, but have also set a new standard of what can be accomplished through wise decisions mingled with dedication and creativity. We really appreciate your work. Thank you for your commitment.

Phaethon International Company AG

Our rebates and transit team provide quick, accurate and proactive advise in your planning of transits, and in post transit and rebate application formalities. With this service you get access to:

  • Fully specialised team, dedicated to answer any question regarding Suez Transits, with measured KPIs both on time and accuracy
  • Assistance with rebate applicability and estimated rebate amount
  • A proforma based on vessel records from SCA that is close to 98% accuracy, based on existing SDR rate and exact tariff
  • Updates on vessel transit prospects sent immediately based on vessel ETA updates from Master
  • Ability to update and fully comply with your own systems need to be updated
  • Funding required just 24 hours before actual transit, either local or global bank account
  • Updates on all developments – new rules & regulations, tariff changes on time
  • Monthly SOA that includes closed and open voyages
  • Final Disbursement Accounts supported with original official invoices / receipts, along with full English translation & produced within 25 – 30 days (unless vessel first canal transit)

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