Stromboli Vulan eruption

Port/sMilazzo and South Tyrrhenian Sea
Issue TypeNatural disaster

In relation to the situation of the Stromboli Vulan eruption, the National Civil Protection Department has ordered the elevation of the alert level to “orange”.

In this regard, this Maritime Authority, in order to share the contents of the current alert level (ORANGE), and the contents of the current “National Civil Protection Plan for the Emergency of the Stromboli Volcano” limited to any impacts on the northern coasts of Sicily, deemed it appropriate from the outset to convene the local technical-nautical services in order to carry out a descending analysis of any risks regarding the local refinery (RAM – ENI Refunery in Milazzo).

On the merits, although no further reasons for alarm were found, the defendants considered it appropriate, in addition to a coordinated docking planning, that in the pre-arrival phase of the ships, the MASTER should be sensitized so that they pay the utmost attention to the related radio communications relating to the object which could foresee, in case of need, the emergency unmooring of the unit.

For the above, pending convening a coordination meeting at this Command, these Agencies are requested to assist the undersigned so that the on-board commands, already in the pre-arrival phase, are made aware of the alert level in force, providing the maximum attention to any radio communications which could also foresee the emergency unmooring of ships.