Holiday Notice ‘Golden Week Holiday (29th/Apr – 08th/May’ in Japan

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Please kindly note Japan  consecutive holiday in the coming weeks.

Local private companies such as repairer, supplier, etc. will also close their offices during the holiday as per their company regulation

(Some companies may close office during 29th/Apr-08th/May and any new request shall not be available during the period.)

So, we highly recommend your good vessel/office to contact necessary vendors well in advance before the coming this consecutive holiday for safe arrangements.

Should you have further query, please get in touch with Japan office with below contact details.


Below is the list of upcoming holidays:


28th (Thu) – Business day

29th (Fri) – Holiday

30th (Sat) – Weekend


01st (Sun) – Weekend

02nd (Mon) – Business day

03rd (Tue) – Holiday

04th (Wed) – Holiday

05th (Thu) – Holiday

06th (Fri) – Business day

07th (Sat) – Weekend

08th (Sun) – Weekend

09th (Mon) – Business day