Earthquake in Turkey – Port Update

Yesterday afternoon another earthquake of a similar magnitude hit the same area as the first major quake. The situation is still extremely serious, and the official death figures being released are over 3000, with many thousands of buildings being reportedly destroyed throughout ten cities in the southern area.

Thankfully we can report that all our staff and families are safe.

The aftershocks are still being felt and seem to occur approx. every 15 minutes.

​​​​​​​As for the ports in the affected area, please see the update:

Mersin – All Ports: Operations continue. None of the ports in this location have stopped operations due to the earthquake.

Iskenderun:  Botas BTC Terminal; has stopped operations due to bad weather. Port Crises will have a meeting to decide how operations will be after the completion of the control on the terminal.

Toros Terminal: The port has decided to move vessels to the anchorage. The port is not currently operating. They will decide how to proceed depending on the situation.

Iskenderun Port: We are still trying to contact port management, but communications with that location are still very disrupted.  As far as we know, operations have stopped for the time being. The status will be updated as soon as more information is known. 

Iskenderun Limak Port: Has stopped operations due to the earthquake. There are reports of containers catching on fire.

Airports :

Adana Airport: is operating as normal. 

Hatay Airport: There is damage to the runway. Therefore, operations have stopped.