Change of rules and regulations in Venice

Issue TypeChange of rules and regulations

Please note as per Venice HM order 10/2023:
While vessels are anchored at roads, during transit in the Venice lagoon channels and at mooring, ships must use fuel with a sulfur content not exceeding 0.10% by mass. For achievement of the above, the Master must take into consideration the main and auxiliaries engines characteristics and evaluate the time and the distance from roads at which changeover of the fuel must be carried out.

If in case of unfavourable weather conditions or other justified reasons, and the fuel changeover does not take place according to the above mentioned regulation and timings, the Master must give immediate communication to the VTS of Venice HM.

The rule described in paragraph 1 doesn’t apply to the vessels in possession of exhaust gases removal (scrubber), approved by the flag administration of the ship, and also to the vessels that are powered by LNG and comply with the IGF Code, accepted by the IMO with Resolution MSC 391(95) of June 11, 2015 and the additional sector regulations in force;

During the port entrance and until the completion of the mooring manoeuvre, the ships will have to adjust their engines to limit smoke emissions.

We would like to specify that Venice HM considers the use only of closed-loop scrubbers at Venice port; for vessels in possession of open-loop scrubbers, consumption of low sulfur (with a max of 0,1% Sulphur) as per current rule is requested; (DLGS 182/2003 – L366/1963)