Collision between OS35 and Adam LNG Update

Overnight work has continued onboard the vessel. 

The situations in both the Engine Room and Cargo Hold 5 remain stable. 


Pumping operations continued, further reducing the amount of oil onboard the vessel. 

Operations concentrated on Engine Room Lub tanks, all of which have now been pumped out.


High wind conditions created difficulties for the response teams on site, and have particularly affected booms. 

The second boom around the vessel has been displaced but not damaged. 

Similarly, the boom at Catalan Bay has also been displaced with some parts of the boom reaching shore. Works to tackle this are ongoing.

The Gibraltar Contingency Council will reconvene at 12:00pm, or earlier if required, at No 6 Convent Place. 


Little Bay – No new oil reported. Red flag due to ongoing cleanup operations along shoreline.

Camp Bay – No new oil reported. Yellow flag.

Sandy Bay – Some oil patches on groynes and small patches scattered along main beach. Next assessment re: flag at 11am.

Catalan Bay – Boom displaced and on the shoreline. Small sheen patch offshore. Next assessment re: flag at 11am.

Eastern beach – No oil reported. Yellow flag.

Western Beach – No oil reported. Yellow flag.

Gibraltar port remains closed to commercial activities however an update on reopening is expected during today.