Cyclone Candice – Warning Mauritius

Issue TypeSevere weather conditions

The port activities at outer anchorage have resumed following the improvement in sea and swell conditions in the port waters since this morning. The weather conditions in the port are as follows:
MCT – heavy swell: height – 2.0-2.5m
Entrance beacons – height of swell – 1.50m
CN01 – height of swell – 80cm
Quay 1-4, height of swell – 60cm
Quay D – height of swell – 50cm

Sea is slight to moderate at the inner port, moderate to rather rough at the outer anchorage, and rough at MCT.

Vessels approaching the port waters are urged to pay particular attention to the swell condition and the movements of other vessels in the vicinity. They should adhere strictly to the instructions of the harbor radio/Pilot on VHF channel 12/14. AIS and VHF radio should be kept on at all times for better control of their movements when approaching the port waters.