Cyclone Warning for Mauritius

During the last hours, Tropical Cyclone Belal has started to track more eastward.  At 10h00,  it was centred at about 220 km to the west of Le Morne near latitude 20.6 degrees south and longitude 55.1 degrees east.
It is now moving towards the east-south-east at a speed of about 12 km/h.

On this trajectory, Belal is approaching Mauritius and is expected to pass closer to the south of the island late at night today.  As such, Belal now represents a threat to Mauritius as on this trajectory, the radius of cyclonic winds is likely to cross the southern part of the island.

The public in Mauritius is advised to complete all precautions. Active clouds associated with Belal will continue to influence weather over the island. Weather will be overcast, with localised heavy intermittent rain and thunderstorms becoming more frequent in the afternoon and at night.
This heavy rainfall will cause water accumulation and local flooding.

The public is advised to:
1. Remain in safe places and avoid open areas, hiking and sheltering under trees during thunderstorms.
2. Avoid places prone to water accumulation, river banks, and other water courses that may be flooded and certain mountain slopes prone to landslides.
3. be very cautious on the roads due to reduced visibility resulting from heavy rains and fog patches.

Wind will blow from the north-north-east at a speed of about 35 km/h with gusts that may reach 90 km/h. The sea will be very rough with heavy swells. It is strictly advised not to venture at sea.

A cyclone warning class II is in force in Mauritius.

If Belal continues to adopt a trajectory more towards the east and remains a Tropical Cyclone, it is very likely that a cyclone warning class III will be issued before 16h00 today.

As of Saturday afternoon, all cargo and husbandry operations stopped at Port-Louis, Mauritius, due to the imminent threat of cyclone Belal in our region.

All vessels have been instructed by the Port Authority to vacate the berth and anchorage areas to seek shelter on the high seas under the command of their respective Security Officers advice. The Port is experiencing swell and waves of 3-4 M in height.

The ISS Mauritius Office will close from noon time(LT) until further notice, and all staff will work from home as long as internet and power are available.