Cyclone Warning Mauritius

The information below has been received from the Port Louis Port Master.

Please find below the weather conditions in the port:

  1. Swell at MCT is about 2.0m
  2. Swell at entrance beacons is about 2.0m
  3. Swell at CNOI about 1.0m
  4. Swell at Q1-4 , QA/D and QE is about 0.5m

Merchant vessels intending to undertake bunkering or other ancillary activities have been allowed to anchor at the outer port. Master of vessels approaching the port waters are requested to exercise caution and pay particular attention to the swell and prevailing wind  conditions. Accordingly, prior approval of the harbour radio will be required on vhf channel 12/14/16.

Fishing vessels shall not enter the port limits nor  drift close to port adjacent waters for safety reasons. They will be allowed to enter directly to their intended berth provided that a work plan has been submitted to our operation department .

Harbour radio, ric, please establish early communication with all incoming vessels and monitor closely their movements .

Port Louis Port Master

Bunkering and Husbandry services at anchorage have, therefore, been allowed.

The port is closed for vessels wanting to berth on a quay.