Mauritius Under Cyclone “ELEANOR” warning Class 2

Please be guided by the communication received from NDRRMC.


Cyclone Warning Class II for Mauritius
NDRRMC Communiqué No. 1 issued on 21 February 2024

(In line with paragraph 11 (c) of the NDRRM Act 2016)

The Mauritius Meteorological Services issued a Cyclone Warning Class II for Mauritius on Wednesday, 21 February 2024, at 0410hrs and highlighted the following.

The numerical weather models maintain that Eleanor will recurve towards the south and will eventually assume a south-south-west trajectory at an accelerated speed while continuing to intensify further. On this new track, Eleanor will approach our region and will represent a potential threat to Mauritius. Weather will be partly cloudy during the day. Clouds associated with the moderate tropical storm will start to cross the Island as from late afternoon with passing showers mainly to the East, the South and over the high grounds. As Eleanor approaches our region, the weather is expected to deteriorate tonight with moderate to heavy thundery showers. Wind will blow from the east-southeast at a speed of about 25 km/h with gusts reaching 60 km/h, strengthening gradually as from this afternoon. Sea will gradually become very rough with swells beyond the reefs. The public is advised not to venture at sea.

There is a need to strengthen vigilance and be ready to activate emergency plans and initiate appropriate actions


(BBB) Please be guided by the communique from Port Master’s Office:

Quote :

Please ensure that all vessels falling under agency are in a state of readiness and are fully manned at all times. Thus, there will be no shore leave unless in cases of emergencies.

Master of vessels are kindly requested to maintain continuous vhf watch on channel 12/14/16 for further instructions. 

Agents shall also be readily available at all times


There is a high probability that Mauritius will move to class 3 tonight and that ISS offices will be closed today.