Sri Lanka – business as usual

Update 22nd August 2022

Sri Lanka’s social, political, and economic landscape went through one of its most turbulent times in history during the past several months. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the geopolitical situation in the country, led to a severe imbalance of external payments. The resulting constraints affected the country’s energy supply and caused unprecedented inflation, which led to widespread social unrest. The unrest reached its peak in the months of May and June, leading to a change in government on July 13th, 2022. To date an interim government has been formed under a new president.

Since the formation of the new government the situation in the country is now peaceful. The fuel availability and energy supply has been normalised to a certain degree, and logistics is now functioning at pre-crisis levels. It should be noted that even during the peak of crises, the ports and shipping sector of Sri Lanka operated with minimum disruptions and Inchcape delivered on it service commitments to our customers with zero incidents. Ports and Shipping sector of the country is now at business-as-usual status. Furthermore, international travel is now being normalised with the number of visitors entering a growth phase once again.

Inchcape through its commitment to quality and safety delivered undisrupted services to our customers in Sri Lanka during incredibly challenging times in the past few months. We are thankful to our customers for their trust and business engagement with us in Sri Lanka during this period. As always, we are in a state of readiness to seamlessly execute your requirements, and are looking forward to a normal business as usual engagement with our customers in Sri Lanka.  

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