Strike action in Belgium. Update

Port/sAll Ports
Issue TypeCivil unrest

Syndicated actions at the Flemish Pilotage and Fleet – update 7.12 – 9.30am

Based on the information we received, we can provide the following update:

Currently 49 ships are waiting for operation arrival or departure (Antwerp)

The morning shift at the Zeebrugge Traffic Control Centre has decided to strike today, which means that no traffic is possible via Pilot Station West (Wandelaar)

It is currently unclear how many pilots want to work at full capacity (and therefore not take maximum rest), but more than likely there are not enough of them to meet demand.

It is also currently unclear when and with which ministry there will be further consultation with the unions (VSOA and ACOD).

Steenbank is operational at the moment and back log is almost eliminated, so there is an option to proceed to Pilot station North instead of the West however this is subject to availably of pilots and the new consultation between the Ministry and the Unions.