Suez Canal: Collision of LPG tanker CHINAGAS LEGEND and the SC tugboat Fahd. Update

09/08/2023 – UPDATE

The SC Salvage team and Floating crane “INKAZ” successfully managed to recover the sunken tugboat “Fahd” at 2030 Hrs. on the 8th of August 2023. As a result, the eastern channel of the Suez Canal (“The old”) is now operational for vessels to transit.

SC convoys are expected to return to their normal schedule timing very shortly.

08/08/2023 – UPDATE

Please note there are temporary changes to the convoys’ timing due to the ongoing salvage work at the accident site.


The early group starts at 13:30 Hrs. Lt. consists of 20 ships that will enter from the West branch of the Canal. (OLD Branch ) drop anchor at Great Bitter Lakes.

The normal group starts at 20:00 Hrs. Lt. consists of 14 ships that will enter from the East branch of the Canal (NEW Branch)

Northbound CONVOY:

The early convoy starts at 13:30 Hrs. Lt. will drop anchor at Great Bitter Lakes. Then normal convoy will commence transit at approx.. 2000 Hrs. Lt.

06/08/2023 – UPDATE

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, announced on Sunday, August 6, the continuation of the process of extracting the SC Tugboat “Fahd” by the floating crane “INKAZ” and evacuating the canal’s navigational passage. This came while he was following up the rescue efforts from the accident site.

The head of the authority explained that the organizing of the navigation movement in the canal witnesses’ priorities arrangements for the entry of ships from both directions, in a way that guarantees the conduct of rescue work in a way that does not impede navigation.

  • 45 ships from the south direction entered in the new navigational course of the canal, with a total tonnage of 2.7 million tons at 0030 hrs. Lt 06/08/2023 and anchored in great bitter lakes until SB convoy passes by.
  • 37 ships from the north direction commenced the Suez Canal transit at 1400 hrs. Lt.06/08/2023 first 13 ships will drop anchor at great bitter lakes then rest will continue the canal transit without stoppage.

The head of the authority added that the marine rescue / salvage team is continuing the diving works at a depth of 24 meters through successive groups to complete the work of mooring the sunken tug “Fahd” by means of the crane wires “INKAZ”, a process that requires high accuracy and sufficient time, as it takes nearly an hour and half to connect for each of the eight wires of the winch.

Lieutenant General Rabie indicated that the work of connecting the sunken tugboat with the crane wires “INKAZ” is scheduled to be completed within the coming hours, and immediately after that, the work of lifting and removing the sunken tugboat will begin and transport it to the Al-Balah area.

The total length of the salvage crane “ INKAZ “ is 60.9 meters, and its width is 26.6 meters, with a load power of 500 tons, and it is used in lifting and lowering marine units and floating and recovering sunken marine units.

05/08/2023 – UPDATE

Please note that Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, stated that marine rescue work is underway to deal with the collision accident of the LPG tanker CHINAGAS LEGEND and the SC Fahd, one of the Suez Canal authority’s tugs, at km 51 in the Al-Balah loop region, which resulted in the sinking of the tug.

Northbound convoy No. 7
Flag : Hong Kong
Agents Name: Barwil shipping
Accident Location Suez Canal KM.51
Accident time 1440 hrs. Lt., 05/08/2023

The LPG tanker proceeded to Port said outer anchorage being LPG tanker “ballast but not gas free” and dropped anchor waiting for further investigation and inquisition with ship’s Master.

The southbound convoy consists of 35 vessels. All vessels behind the above tanker as of vessel no. 9 until vessel no. 29 received instructions from SCA to stop and tied up into the canal for completing the rescue activities for the tug and tug’s team “there are two of tug team are missing”.

The head of the Suez Canal authority explained that the collision occurred during the transit of the tanker within the convoy of the south on its journey coming from Singapore and heading to the United States of America and flying the flag of Hong Kong, with the tug “Fahd”, within the Al-Balah region, which led to the occurrence of holes in the body of the tug and the entry of water and subsequently it sank.

The head of the authority added that the authority’s marine rescue team was immediately pushed to rescue the tugboat’s crew, consisting of 7 people, as rescue work is still underway, and the “INKAZ” crane was pushed to carry out the work of recovering the tugboat, indicating that a detailed report is being prepared on the causes of the accident and checking on crew status.

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