Super typhoon Hinnamnor – Port closures

05 September Update – All ports of Korea are operating normally.

02 September Update – Due to the approaching Typhoon, all ports of Korea will close their service as per in below:
– 03 SEP 2022 – Pilotage service closed
– 04 SEP 2022 – All must vessels unberth by 17:00 LT.
* To be updated on 03 Sep, late PM.

01 September Update – Super typhoon Hinnamnor is approaching the Far East Asia coastline and is forecasted to have seriously impact on vessels operations during September 02-07 in Far East Asia area including the Korean peninsula.

Ports in the southern parts of Korea will be closed from the 02nd of September and extend to other ports of the Korean peninsula

Typhoon direction will be more clear on the 02nd of September.