Suspension of boarding vessels by the Aransas Corpus Christi Pilots

The Aransas Corpus Christi Pilots have suspended boarding vessels at 1240 on 10 April 2022 due to gale force winds and dangerous off shore conditions.

Outbound Dock Status
Maria Energy CH1 Pending
Overseas Houston O08 Pending
Speedway MI4 Pending
Kapellen TD3 Pending
Mtm Vancouver GV1 Pending
Alpine Mia O04 Pending
Overseas Mykonos O11 Pending
Fpmc 33 V3 Pending
Maran Penelope ST2 Pending

Inbound Dock Status
Rimthan MI2 Pending
Marcellus Lady TD3 Pending
American Liberty O01 Pending
SC Petrel C08 Pending
Bw Bobcat O11 Pending
Cap Pembroke MI5 Pending
Castillo De Navia VO1 Pending
Ionic Anassa ST2 Pending

Issue Type: Severe weather conditions
Impact: Complete closure