Two vessels grounded in the Suez Canal

The following vessels entered the Suez Canal within the southbound convoy on the 22nd of August AM. There are about 21 vessels detained behind them from the southbound convoy. The northbound convoy of the 22nd of August has already passed by.

LNG Tanker, IMO 9873840

Crude Oil Tanker, IMO 9787948

The channel was blocked while the SC tugs attempted to refloat the two vessels and clear the channel. There were concerns that there might be contact between the above two vessels, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The SC Tugs managed to refloat both vessels, and BW LESMES is being towed by SC Tugs heading to Suez outer anchorage. MT BURRI has been secured aside until LNG Carrier BW LESMES clears the Suez Canal, and then all detained vessels will resume the SC transit.

Meanwhile, the southbound convoy of 23rd August commenced the Suez Canal transit at approx. 0600 hrs. Lt. today.

As of approx 11:00 hrs. Lt, the Suez Canal northbound convoy schedule hasn’t been fixed.

Please note that the Suez Canal southbound convoy is still running and expects to be completed by 1630 hrs. Lt.  then Suez Canal Authority will fix the northbound convoy schedule.