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10 April, 2019

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Flooding Update 10th April

The city of Rio de Janeiro on Monday night received 152 millimeters of rain within four hours which is more than the monthly average for April. This torrential downpour has killed at least 10 people and has caused massive damage to the city with uprooted trees and cars being swept down streets by the rushing floodwaters. Emergency flood sirens sounded in 20 flood-prone areas alerting residents to evacuate towards designated safe spaces. Unfortunately, there was no alarm sounded, due to water not meeting the minimum level, in the Babilonia slum. Residents were upset with the lack of warning. 
A state of emergency has been declared in Rio de Janeiro with Mayor Marcelo Crivella being quoted by AccuWeather as saying “These rains are absolutely abnormal for this time of year; none of us expected so much rain at this time.” There is still expected to be light rainfall in Rio de Janeiro until Thursday with local heavy rainfall in Espirito Santo to the North. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Eric Leister said, “The flooding was caused by a slow-moving frontal boundary that interacted with a feed of moist air from Brazil’s tropical interior.”

As of right now, the port is still operating with all our employees are working remotely and expecting to be back in the office tomorrow.