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07 December, 2018

Central Queensland Weather Advice & Terminal Update

Please note a strong wind warning remains in place for the waters around Hay Point including the coal terminals of Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point.

Hay Point Coal Terminal cancelled the berthing of 1 vessel at 1300/07LT today and will review later this afternoon.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal operations continue( 1 vessel alongside and loading) but will not berth any other vessels until further notice.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT): 

There are currently 1 vessel alongside and 48 vessels waiting at anchor. Berthing prospects for most vessels are not currently available; reverting with a revised line-up soonest DBCT has released the same.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal berthed 1 Japmax sized vessel at 1200/06LT but this vessel has been removed from the berth. No other berthings are scheduled for the rest of today. The weather conditions will be assessed over the rest of today and into the evening on the next berthing.

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Hay Point Coal Terminal (HPCT): 

There are currently 0 vessels alongside and 16 vessels waiting at anchor. 

Hay Point Coal Terminal has suspended berthing operation for today due to the adverse weather conditions, conditions will be reviewed again this afternoon.

Weather Situation

A slow moving high pressure system over the Tasman Sea will extend a firm ridge north through Mackay and Townsville waters through the next few days. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen lies well offshore of the Queensland coast and is expected move slowly west. The system will not redevelop, however it is likely to combine with the ridge to further strengthen winds over Mackay and Townsville waters during Friday and Saturday as it moves closer to the coast.

Wind Warnings for Friday 7 December
Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
Cairns Coast, Townsville Coast, Mackay Coast and Capricornia Coast

Wind Warnings for Saturday 8 December
Gale Warning for the following area:
Great Barrier Reef Offshore
Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
Cooktown Coast, Cairns Coast, Townsville Coast, Mackay Coast, Capricornia Coast, Hervey Bay and Fraser Island Coast